It is wonderful that you have come so far!



If you would like to contribute to the plugin development (writing code), follow the GitHub page of Crelly Slider.


Translate the plugin

Translating the plugin is really easy thanks to WordPress: this is the official WordPress translation page for my plugin. Find your language and translate the strings using a really simple web interface. You don’t have to download anything, just click on that link and translate! Once you submit your translation, it will be reviewed and (hopefully) approved as soon as possible. You can update the current translations and/or translate new strings that are currently not translated.


Make a donation

Wow! Thank you very much! If you donate to this project, you’ll contribute to its maintenance and you will give me a hand.



Can I get the jQuery only version of this plugin?
Yes, on the Crelly Slider’s GitHub page, navigate to demo/demo.html. You will see how you can setup the slider. You can delete “/crellyslider.php” and the “/wordpress” folder, they won’t be necessary.

Can I use the plugin in my premium theme?
Yes (MIT licence).



If you have any questions or suggestions, email me: [email protected]